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Enamel Experiments

Lately I’ve been getting back into enamel and experimenting with new techniques. Enamel will stick to sterling silver if it’s depletion gilded. A process of heating the silver repeatedly to bring the pure fine silver to the surface. Having color in my metalwork is just so satisfying! I’m especially loving the enamel-filled letter stamps.

Power of the Sun, Sterling Silver with Brass Hexagon Cloisonné, Transparent Green/Blue Enamel, Opaque Orange Enamel
Love Life Rainbow Enamel Ring in Sterling Silver
Enameled Copper Domes Progress
Enamel Dome Necklace Prong Side – Sterling Silver, Enameled Copper
Enamel Dome Necklace Cup Side – Sterling Silver, Enameled Copper

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Super Wide Stretchy Cuff Custom Order


Getting a request for black or gun-metal rings reminded me how much I love to heat-treat stainless steel! It’s been a long time since I used the treatment for chainmaille.

dark_stainless_steel_jump_rings_theringlordAnother fun aspect of this piece was that it was my first stretchy bracelet wide enough to need expansions in the weave. The circumference widens from 7″ to 9+” over the 3+” width of the cuff.


It was a great opportunity to figure out the weave expansions for European 6-1 while using rubber rings. The fact that every other row of rings is permanently closed makes planning ahead extra important.


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Fantasy Mage’s Spell Rings

The high fantasy genre has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I love spellcasting mages and chainmaille armor, elves and elementals. Whether in books, games, or movies it doesn’t matter. Usually when this muse inspires my jewelry it’s in the materials or accents. This time I took it literally and translated classic mage spells into detailed sterling silver rings.

First to be created was the Ice Arrow Ring. This sleek number features a denim lapis lazuli as the power source. The centerpiece is surrounded by twisted wire and set in a serrated bezel. Wrapped around the band is a classic arrow shape.

Ice Arrow Spell Ring – Denim Lapis, Sterling Silver – Size US 6 – $283

Next was the Fireball Ring with a nice wide band. Fireball is an iconic mage spell, represented here by a fiery carnelian. The flames were all cut freehand to channel the movement of fire. Following in this line of thinking, the markings of its forged creation were left to see. Hammer marks and roughness, brought out by oxidation and enhanced with stamped semicircles.

Fireball Spell Ring – Carnelian, Sterling Silver – Size US 6 (snug) – $287

These initial two spells led to a special request for a Magic Missile Ring. This powerful spell is also a classic to be found in many mages’ grimoires. Amethyst is the perfect stone to capture the unerring arcane power of a magic missile. To detail the magic missile wrapped around the band, I carved custom steel stamps for a trailing arc of power and a sparkle of energy at the ends.

Magic Missile Spell Ring – Amethyst, Sterling Silver – NFS

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Jewelry Showcase: Summer Earrings

These past few months have been a lot of fun. Almost my whole family has summer birthdays so I’ve been making gifts and other new jewelry. The heat in my garage studio is intense, but it can’t keep me away from the metal and the torch.

Since there are many pieces to show, the galleries can be themed. Here are the earrings!

New Jewelry: Month of May

Here’s a selection of the new jewelry I designed and crafted over the past month. I used to use a lot more copper but shifted at some point towards using mostly silver. Lately I’ve been bringing back the copper and I love it! It brings a lot of warmth to the jewelry and it’s a really fun metal to work with.

Most of these are available in my Etsy shop.